Shami Banana Leaf Delights (Northpoint)

This is probably the most popular stall in Northpoint Food Court. It is the Indian Stall called ‘Shami Banana Leaf Delights’, quite a mouthful isn’t it.

There is a queue at the stall. With about 3 servers, I waited about 5-10minutes. And the food you get is warm, not cold due to the constant crowd. Hence, most items should be quite fresh in the sense that it is fresh piping warm from the kitchen behind.

Chicken Briyani Set $6.00

This set cost $6.00.  Chicken, 2 pieces of crackers, bean sprouts (your choice of vegetables) and a huge portion of rice.. It used to cost only $4.50… but well inflation again.. They should just cut down on the amount of rice they give and lower the price. Many people especially 2 females will tend to share just 1 plate of this, because the portion of rice is really alot. Looks delicious right! The rice with curry was nice, every single grain of rice was well cooked.

2 pieces of crackers and bean sprouts

Crackers were surprising still warm (normally its not warm) and was crispy. Bean sprouts cooked just nice with a crunchy taste. It was not overcooked and certainty did not taste under cook (raw taste).


Look at this flaming red piece of chicken. Do not worry, it is not spicy. I wish it was at least a little spicy. Its just the colouring. Might look scary, but actually its delicious. The meat is soft and tender, easy to eat.

But something to note, please rinse your mouth after eating this. Shall spare the details, you will know why when you rinse.

Overall, this should be one of the best stall in Northpoint Food Court. Price is on the higher end but portions are generous. You are likely to be full, loaded with calories and carbos after eating the rice.

Shami Banana Leaf Delights (long queue at right side of picture)

Shami Banana Leaf Delights
Northpoint Shopping Centre Food Court
Tel: 6754 3797
Opening Hours: Daily 9:45am to 8:45pm

6 responses to “Shami Banana Leaf Delights (Northpoint)

  1. This is a great post and may be one that you should followed up to see what happens

    A good friend e mailed this link the other day and I will be excitedly looking your next put up. Continue on the very good work.

  2. This is my favourite bryani stall ;D I ate it at least 3 times week when I was working nearby. My friends thought I was crazy ;P

  3. Shami food is great. Since the food court is taken over by Kopitiam in May 2012 the place is very inconvenient and food expensive. Kopitiam is killing the food at all the stalls. The quality of drinks they sell is very poor. Because of these I stopped eating there. Why pay more?

    • Hi AK

      yes, the food is great. I visited Kopitiam recently. Price increased again even for shami. I went to eat homemade noodles. And..well.. for the price I pay, I am not keen to visit Kopitiam soon unless I have no choice.

  4. Hi! This Nasi Briyani store has moved. Me and my family are searching for this store. Do you have any idea where they have moved it to?

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