Cheesy Ramen

After having been to Korea, I realised that adding cheese into instant noodles makes a big difference to the taste of the noodles!  In korea, the Cheesy Ramen is soup based. I still remember trying it for the first time in Korea University Cafeteria. When it was served, I was thinking looks like just instant noodles with cheese(It was!). It helps that expectation was low, because after trying it I was ‘WOW.’

Well, the one I cooked is not soup based =). Worth a try.

Cooked this for supper. Instant noodles always contain a layer of wax (not very healthy). So what I do to try to make myself feel better is that once the pot of water is close to boiling, I added the noodles in and then drain off the water after 1 min. Why I do this? Because I heard you can get rid of some wax on the noodles this way.

After that add water in. As I do not intend for this to be soup based, I did not add alot of water in. Continue cooking, add MSG according to own preference once noodle is soft/cooked. Turn the stove to low heat. Then add an egg in and mix it.

Cheesy Ramen, after adding MSG and Egg

Pardon the bad lightning in kitchen. Once its cooked, take a piece cheese and add it on top. Turn off the heat.

Cheesy Ramen, after adding cheese

The cheese starts to melt. I added only a piece of cheese although the noodles was for 2 person (2packets). According to own preferences, you can add in 2 pieces of cheese if you want. Bring it over to dining table.

Cheesy Ramen

Close up

Then start mixing up all the noodles and cheese so that the cheese is mixed equally among the noodles. After that its ready to be eaten~!

Presenting the Cheesy Ramen (Hokkien Mee style) as what she calls it.

Cheesy Ramen (Hokkien Mee style)

Of all the Korean instant noodles, I prefer to use this brand only.

Packet of Korean Instant Noodle

Found in all Korean Marts in Singapore. It is cheaper to buy it at NTUC Fairprice at $5.50 for 5 packets (selected outlets: so far i know only AMK Hub and Bishan Junction 8 is selling).

Alternatively, things to add includes golden mushroom, sausage, carrot, scallop..

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