The Original Katong Laksa (Queenstown Shopping Centre)

I remember eating the Claypot Laksa at Alexandar Village Food Centre quite some years back. Since today I was around the area, I decided to have it for dinner. But sadly the Food Centre was under going renovation. As a result, I decided to check out Queenstown Shopping Centre. Inside I notice this banner saying The Original Katong Laksa. Seeing no where else to eat and seeing several people eating, I decided to give this a try.

Laksa $3.00

This cost $3.00 and its such a small bowl. The ingredients inside were so little too. Notice the prawn? Its actually only 1 piece. They just cut it into half that is why it looks like 2 pieces. The laksa gravy taste seems as if too much coconut has been added. Nothing fantastic about it. The chilli at the side is not too bad. For $3.00, I felt that more ingredients and noodles could have been added.

The one at Yishun Blk928 is taste so much nicer and even at $2.50 it is more filling.

I was not full after the meal, in the end I went to Ikea 5 minutes away for another round of dinner.(check out the next post)

The Original Katong Laksa

Located at level 01-59 of the shopping centre. Did not find out what was the opening hours

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